Welcome to FryFace Blog

Hello, and welcome to the FryFace Blog.

I've been a New York dermatologist for over 20 years. I love music. I love triathlons. I love chemistry. (I love Petrolatum jelly.) I study skincare product ingredients and product formulation. I listen to skincare "advice" from self-proclaimed skincare experts, beauty specialists, advertisers, and the media, and can see why the average consumer is overwhelmed. (No, you don't need a silk pillowcase.) I'm asked on a daily basis, "What skincare products do I really need?" Primers, toners, astringents, exfoliants, scrubs, creams, lotions, oils...Exhausting. $50, $80, $100 an ounce...up to $3200 per pound. The industry has gone mad! Take a deep breath, FryFace is here to clarify your skincare needs. (No, you don't need to drink 8 glasses of water a day.)

I hope you find the FryFace Blog interesting. It's by a skin doctor who's just trying to keep it real!

Fayne Frey, MD