Anti-wrinkle creams ARE moisturizers. These products intend to increase the water content of the skin, temporarily improving the appearance of very fine lines and wrinkles. The consumer imagines water being pumped into a raisin, becoming a firmer grape. This theory may apply to very fine lines, especially those found around the eyes where the skin is the thinnest, but in actuality, facial lines and wrinkles are due to a loss of connective tissue in the deeper layers of skin. In addition, dehydrated skin may exacerbate the appearance of these lines and folds. Although the application of an anti-wrinkle cream may leave the skin feeling more soft and supple to the consumer, and, as moisturizers, may increase the water content of skin thereby improving the appearance of very fine facial lines, more pronounced facial wrinkles and skin folds cannot be corrected by applying 'anti-wrinkle' creams.