Who are we?

We Believe:

You are fabulous.

Although skincare is an absolutely fabulous industry, all too often, the marketing for skincare products sends the message that you are inadequate, you need to look different, you need to look younger, your appearance is flawed. We believe you are perfect the way you are, and so should you.

A simple skincare regimen, one with products that benefit your skin health based on science is best.

Many skincare products have no proven benefit and may even be harmful to your skin. All you need for optimal skin health is a well-formulated moisturizer and sunscreen.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to optimize your skin health and appearance.

There is no correlation between the cost of a skincare product and its effectiveness. Safe, effective and affordable skincare products are available at local pharmacies and drugstores.

About Us

FryFace is the nation’s first skincare information and product selection service, developed by a board certified dermatologist.

After more than thirty years of dermatology practice, it became clear that the average consumer is bombarded with an overwhelming selection of OTC products without a rational or scientific method of selecting a good product. Influenced by the marketing claims of advertisers, consumers often purchase products they do not need; products that do not fulfill their expectations, and that all too often are very costly.

Our mission is to simplify the overwhelming choice of effective, safe and affordable products encountered in the skincare aisles and to remind every woman that she is already truly awesome the way she is.

From the Doctor Behind FryFace

I've been a New York based dermatologist for over 30 years. I love music. I love running, I love chemistry. (I love petroleum jelly). I study skincare product ingredients and product formulation. I listen to skincare "advice" from self-proclaimed skincare experts, beauty specialists, advertisers, and the media, and can see why the average consumer is overwhelmed. (No, you don't need a silk pillowcase). I'm asked on a daily basis, “What skincare products do I really need?" Primers, toners, astringents, exfoliants, scrubs, night creams, eye creams...Exhausting! $50, $80, $100 an ounce...up to $3,200 per pound. This fantastic industry has gone mad!

Take a deep breath, FryFace is here to clarify your skincare needs. (No, you don't need to drink 8 glasses of water a day).

The Product Selector tool will simplify your selection of moisturizers, cleansers & sunscreen. (P.S. That's all you really need).

I hope you find our blog, Fully Exposed, interesting, helpful, and informative, and that you share the site with your family and friends!

Fayne Frey, MD

The Method Behind the Product Selector

To minimize exposure to possible allergens and irritating ingredients, final search results are listed by the number of ingredients, with products containing the fewest number of ingredients listed first. Should several products within a given search contain the same number of ingredients, products are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer and name of product.

By selecting “Acne-prone” or “Eczema-prone” prompts within the My Skin Conditions category, final search results will exclude products that contain identified ingredients, that - based on the recommendations of the National Eczema Association, and on medical and scientific literature - have been shown to exacerbate or cause those conditions..

All products in the Sunscreen category contain broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and, as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology, have a minimum rating of SPF 30. All products in the final search results within the Moisturizer, Marketed For "Acne", category contain the ingredient salicylic acid. All products within the Marketed For "Anti-Aging" category contain a retinoid, a Vitamin A derivative that may increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun. Limiting sun exposure and applying sunscreen when outdoors is always advised, but especially when using these products. The use of retinoid containing products is NOT advised during pregnancy as the exposure to Vitamin A derivatives may cause birth defects.

A Note on Partnerships

It is important to know that we are not affiliated with any skincare brands, nor are we paid to promote or include any products on our site. All products that appear in our Product Selector have been selected by Dr. Frey on the basis of formulation, effectiveness, price, and accessibility. Affiliate disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliate we earn a small commission on qualifying purchases through the Product Selector, which to date, has been donated to charity.

Have a question regarding skincare? Looking to have Dr. Frey appear on your show, blog, podcast, or live event? Please email us: connect@fryface.com for more information.