Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Cleanser


Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun are damaging to the skin. Exposure to sun can cause sunburn, premature wrinkling, skin rashes and skin cancer. Wear sunscreen DAILY.


Skin serves as a primary defense against the environment. It is a barrier to microorganisms, irritants and immune challenges and to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. Skin plays a vital role in temperature regulation and is a major sensory organ. To function optimally, adequate hydration of the skin is mandatory. Skin hydration is essential for skin health. Skin hydration also improves skin appearance. Although skin has its own mechanisms to prevent water loss, the system is not perfect. Under most conditions, water has a tendency to evaporate from the skin into the environment. When used properly, effective moisturizers prevent water loss from the skin's surface yielding a more hydrated, healthier skin, that performs its functions optimally. If your skin is dry, moisturize twice daily. It's good for you!


There is NO consensus on how often a person with healthy skin should wash their face with a cleanser. An unpublished study of over 500 women between 30-65 years of age with healthy skin revealed that almost 50% of women wash their face with water only. And the majority of them do so while in the shower. Almost all wear some type of foundation, eye makeup and color cosmetics on a daily basis. Even the mildest cleansers cannot distinguish the unwanted dirt and sebum from the necessary proteins and lipids the skin needs to maintain hydration. Using daily cleansers on healthy skin may cause dry, flaky skin. Use of a mild cleanser is optional. Decide what works best for your skin. (Ample scientific studies, however, do indicate that teenagers with acne or oily skin benefit from washing their face with a mild cleanser twice daily.)