Reduce Under Eye Bags and Puffiness!

Fade away those Dark Circles & Rings!

Wipe away Fine Lines & Wrinkles from around your eyes!

Examples of typical marketing jargon found on "eye" creams sold at department stores, local pharmacies, and on-line. 

"Eye creams" don't contain any special ingredient that is specific to the eye area. As a matter of fact, the overwhelming majority of ingredients used to formulate eye creams are identical to those used in most facial moisturizers. And there is little, if any, scientific evidence that those "marketing tool" ingredients, like caffeine, that claim to eliminate under eye puffiness, have any benefit at all.

The skin around the eye is no different than the skin high on the cheekbone. If a sample of each of these areas is examined under a microscope, a skin pathologist cannot tell the difference. Furthermore, if facial moisturizers aren't formulated safely enough to be applied near the eye, they certainly shouldn't be applied on the cheekbone, less than one inch from the eye.

The ability of an "eye" cream to improve the appearance of skin around the eyes is more dependent on the products ability to increase the water content of the skin, its effectiveness as a moisturizer. The one ingredient that the eye area could benefit from the most, since the skin around the eye is so very thin and vulnerable to the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, is sunscreen. Ironically, most eye creams on the market do NOT contain any!

False: You do NOT need an "eye cream." A well-formulated facial moisturizer will do.


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