Let's make this perfectly clear: The notion of a “chemical-free” product is nonsensical because everything is made of chemicals. So often we see fear-mongering ads, skincare products marketed as "chemical-free" to pull at the heartstrings of those who truly want safe products, which is all of us! Truth is, everything is a chemical and every chemical has dose at which exposure is not only harmless, but might even be beneficial (see DOSE VS TOXICITY). 

Water, aka (also known as) dihydrogen monoxide, is an  inorganic compound with the chemical formula H₂O.

Sugar, aka sucrose, is a carbohydrate with the chemical formula C ₁₂H ₂₂O ₁₁.

Table salt, aka sodium chloride, is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaCl.

Marketing and the media have created an entire generation of chemophobes, individuals who fear chemicals. Be assured, the safety standards of the skincare industry, certainly amongst the nationally and internationally known brands, make skincare products among the safest products you can buy. Yes, continued research into the safety of cosmetic ingredients is a must. But the presence of chemicals in your skincare products is no cause for panic. 

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